Our story started in the spring of 2019 when my husband Dave and I decided that we wanted to move off of our little 3 acres in Sturgeon County to a larger footprint of land.  So the hunt began and we landed on just shy of 40 acres in Thorhild County.  We have always enjoyed animals and it didn't take long for us to have horses, cows, pigs, chickens, turkeys, ducks and - Lori's favorite - two African geese!  


We wanted to work toward being more self-sustaining with our food source so we soon acquired 8 piglets, 4 bottle fed calves and, of course, chickens and turkeys. We believe in raising our animals the old-fashioned way with quality grains and grass purchased from local farmers, fresh water and sunshine.

Then came the goats! Goats seemed to be the perfect fit for us.  They are smart, family orientated and mischievous.


We bought our first "fainting" goats that fall. Luna, Snowball, Cher, Jackson (wether) and Kevin (The Billy).  We fell in love with their playful personalities.  Check out their kids on our "kiddos" page.


We decided to expand into the growing goat meat market by investing in Boer goats.  We purchased a small group of 10 unregistered female Boers from a local breeder north of Westlock. It took us until February of 2020 to find the purebred registered Boer Billy we wanted outside of Red Deer. This summer we added a few more to our herd, another 3 nannies and 4 yearlings from the Pincher Creek area and 3 yearlings from a breeder north of New Brook.

Slowly we are increasing our herd, and hoping for a nice group of kids come spring. 

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Lori & Dave

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