Lambert is a "hair" sheep, no sheering required!  He is super friendly and love to have his chin scratched. He is Nate's best buddy.

Lylah and baby goat.jpg

Our Granddaughter is pretty happy about the addition to the farm


Daphne join us March 1, 2021 along with her 2 kiko friends.  She is extra friendly, loves hugs and kisses.  As you can see our niece is one happy girl. 

Our boy Luke arrived and met Dancer for the the first time - We think he is pretty happy about it.


Lori's African geese!  We can hear them "honking" all the time.

Daphne 2.PNG

Found this little barn owl hanging with the chickens.

The mini's having a little play time on their house.

Snow Dancer.JPG

The 2021 babies are out playing and jumping around!


Kennedy aka Ms.K as we like to call her. 2011-2020 We miss her.  

MsK & Big head.jpg

Duke aka big head - our gentle giant. 2012-2021 - Miss you ya big guy.